Lectric Xpedition (2)

Lenox Road, Glen Ellyn, DuPage County, Illinois, United States
Lectric Xpedition (2)
Lectric Xpedition (2)
Lectric Xpedition (2)
Lectric Xpedition (2)
Lectric Xpedition (2)
Range (MI): 120
Top (MPH): 20
Check-in: After 7:00 am
Check-out: Before 5:00 pm

Introducing the XPedition Cargo eBike, the ultimate solution for young families who are always on the go! With its powerful electric motor and versatile cargo capacity, this eBike is the perfect mode of transportation for all your family adventures.

With the XPedition Cargo eBike, you can easily transport your kids, groceries, and other essentials without the hassle of a car. Its large cargo capacity can fit two kids, a picnic basket, and much more. Plus, the eBike’s pedal-assist technology makes it easy to ride even with a full load.

This eBike is also built to last with its sturdy aluminum frame and reliable components. It features a comfortable saddle, adjustable handlebars, and a smooth-shifting 8-speed drivetrain for a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

And with its sleek design and modern look, the XPedition Cargo eBike is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s the perfect way to show off your style while being practical and eco-friendly.

So why not rent the XPedition Cargo eBike today and experience the ultimate family adventure? You’ll be amazed at how easy and fun it is to ride, and your kids will love the thrill of cruising around on this awesome eBike!

This bike is recommended for experienced riders. Prior E-bike experience is recommended but optional.

Rider Weight limit – 220 lbs.
Total Payload – 325 lbs.
* Add-on items – limited supplies
* Helmet is required to rent unit – if you don’t have a certified helmet, no worries, we have you covered for just 7.00 $ we will supply a helmet with an open face that is equipped with a red rear flashing light and a front helmet headlight

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