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Getting started guide

Getting started on Berseo How to create a great listing from day one and get on the fast track to success Getting oriented You will learn in this guide how to craft a competitive listing.

Photography guide

Make your listing picture perfect Better pics mean more clicks Turbocharge your Berseo listing with beautiful, aspirational photos of your vehicle.

Check-in guide

Verify your identity Meeting your host in person: Present your current, valid license Checking in for a Berseo trip: No photos or documentation needed.


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Keep up with the Berseo blog for market data, host stories, product and press announcements, and more.

Host well, earn big

Host well, earn big

Hop to your Host Hub to tweak your settings, monitor your performance, and check in on your earnings!

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Accelerate your entrepreneurship and start building a small e-vehicle sharing business on Berseo.

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