Onewheel Xr

22nd Avenue Southwest, Seattle, King County, Washington, United States
Onewheel Xr
Onewheel Xr
Onewheel Xr
Onewheel Xr
Range (MI): 18
Top (MPH): 19
Check-in: After 1:00 pm
Check-out: Before 1:00 pm

•Like new condition(ODO meter at 25 miles)

•Purchased directly from Onewheel in August, 2020

•Bumpers XR, white, installed

•Rail guard XR, red, installed

•XR Carbon fiber fender, white, installed

•Maghandle pro and XR Maghandle mount installed

•XR Charger plug installed

•Fishbone installed

•Land Surf Fangs 2.1 installed

Original Charger included.




Awesome time. I never met Victor, but from our discussions, he is friendly & he cares. The entire trip was seamless & I’m grateful you allowed me to use your onewheels


Fantastic communication and information sharing. Great onewheel from from this local host in Seattle. Would recommend without hesitation


Amazing onewheel, amazing host 1000/10 I recommend


Victor explained the use of the onewheel very enthusiastically. The condition of the onewheel is also very good. The whole process of using the onewheel from delivery to return was very smooth. If there is a chance, I will rent Victors onewheel again. The only issue is the price I don’t think $65 a day is great but besides that all good.

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