KingSong 16S EUC (Electric Unicycle)

Saint Marys Avenue, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, United States
KingSong 16S EUC (Electric Unicycle)
KingSong 16S EUC (Electric Unicycle)
KingSong 16S EUC (Electric Unicycle)
Range (MI): 40
Top (MPH): 22
Check-in: After 12:00 am
Check-out: Before 12:00 am

Looking to learn to ride an EUC?? This is a perfect wheel for it! I also have a protective cover you can use, and there’s a great park right by my house for learning: it has a low fence on grass you can use to get up to speed, and an awesome bike path to cruise on once you are ready! I will gladly give you some pointers to help start you off : )

Of you are an EUC vet, you already know the deal! This is a fun wheel that tops out at 22mph.

~800 miles on the wheel, and it’s such a blast to ride. Great condition, a few aesthetic scrapes, but everything works great.




Easy and quick 👍


Milo is such a great host and so helpful. Perfectly clean onewheel and a joy to ride.


Milo was a great host, easy to communicate with, and a simple pickup and drop off process. The EUC was very fun to ride and clean!


Milo is amazing! Wonderful car and the service!


Milos EUC is great! Milo was very responsive and pickup/drop off was easy. I highly recommend renting from him through Berseo.

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