Berseo Affiliate Program

Promote Berseo & earn up to $82.50 per visitor

Tailor the message to your audience

Promote the guest experience

Show your followers how to supercharge their adventures by bookings better e-vehicles, wherever they want them, whenever they need them.

Promote the hosts experience

Show your fanbase how to earn as much as $600/month sharing their e-vehicles. Each trip includes liability and physical damage coverage for the hosts, unless the owner has commercial rental insurance and chooses to waive protection provided via Berseo.

Get all the goods

Berseo creative assets

Choose from an array of beautiful and optimized Berseo banners to add to your site

A custom dashboard

See how your ads are performing and track your earnings

A dedicated team

Get individualized support with dedicated affiliate managers

How to get started

Step 1

Apply online in just a few minutes

Step 2

Once you’re approved, pick your Berseo creative assets and place them on your site. You don’t need to code a thing: just paste it in and let it earn for you!

Step 3

Whenever your followers click the Berseo ad, they’ll go to either the guest or host landing pages, and you’ll get credit for the traffic.

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