Take some pre-listing steps and gather the necessary information to enjoy a smooth, successful listing process.

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Start by creating a Berseo account. Once you do, get approved to use Berseo by going to your Account page, and completing the information fields such as profile picture and first and last name. Be sure to confirm you meet the age requirements to list your e-vehicle. US hosts must be at least 18 years old. 

Meet requirements

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible to list your vehicle:

Create your listing

Have all the information you’ll need at hand when you’re ready to list your vehicle , including:

  • e-vehicle make, model, and year
  • clear, well-lit, high resolution photos of your e-vehicle — successful hosts have at least 5 that show the e-vehicle from all sides and any unique features 
  • detailed vehicle description of your e-vehicle, including what’s great about it and why guests would love riding it; you can’t include any mention of fees, deposits, or restrictions not supported by Berseo and our Terms of Service

Tip: Don’t share personal information like phone number, address, or social media in your listing.

Tip: If you wish to share that you’re a business operating on Berseo, you might want to include facility or fleet photos. 


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