Use Berseo messaging to ask questions about a host’s vehicle and policies, to get directions and instructions for pick-up and drop off, send photos, and to discuss any issues that come up during a trip.

Asking questions before you book a trip

Before you can contact a host, you’ll need to submit a booking request or have a booked trip with them. If your decision to book a trip depends on an answer to a question you have, be sure to check the vehicle listing for the information. If you can’t find the answer there, submit a trip booking request and follow up with a message to the host. 

If the answer isn’t what you were looking for, you can cancel the request, as your account wasn’t charged. If the host accepted your trip request before answering the question, you can cancel the trip immediately and get a full refund.

Sending messages to your host

Send a message to your host by choosing the booked trip you have a question about in your Bookings tab. Select “Send Message” and if prompted, “Berseo messaging.” Respond to messages from hosts or view message history by opening your Messages tab.

Making trip changes 

You and your host can use messaging to discuss trip changes. Trip change agreements made in messaging only aren’t valid, as we won’t have a record of the change.


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