Make your listing picture perfect

Better pics mean more clicks

Turbocharge your Berseo listing with beautiful, aspirational photos of your vehicle. Well photographed vehicles get as much as 50% more traffic to their listings than listings with lackluster photos. 

Get some quick and simple tips on taking good photos yourself

5 easy tips

for snapping great photos of your vehicle

Tip #1: Take clear photos of your vehicle: Your vehicle’s photos should be clear and crisp — blurry shots look unprofessional and won’t build trust with your prospective guests.

Tip #2: Orient your vehicle naturally: Think angles. Strange angles are unsettling and don’t accurately depict your vehicle. Shoot your vehicle from the front, back, both sides, and — if you’re feeling fancy — from a three-quarters angle and make sure the lines of the vehicles edges are parallel to the edges of the photo.

Tip #3: Take a step (or three) back: Be sure to include your whole vehicle in the photos — don’t crop parts of the vehicle out so guests can get the full picture. Take a few steps back, so you can be sure the vehicle has some breathing room around the edges.

Tip #4: Shoot during the early morning or evening hours: Lighting can make or break your photos — bright or harsh lighting on a shiny surface will create glare, and dim lighting can wash your vehicle out. Shoot in the morning or evening, when the light is softer. Target golden hour to increase your chances of some truly magical shots.

Tip #5: Never use stock photography: Using stock photography is not only against the Berseo Terms of Service, but also can be misleading for your guests. Since your vehicle is uniquely yours — color, trim, dings, scratches, and all — it’s critical for you to post pictures of your vehicle, not just a stock model.

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