Getting started on Berseo

How to create a great listing from day one and get on the fast track to success


Getting oriented

You will learn in this guide how to craft a competitive listing, tune up your settings to work best for your schedule and goals, and earn on the Berseo.

So you’ve listed your vehicle on Berseo. Now what


Why share your vehicle?

opportunities for earning

After getting set up on Berseo, many hosts earn enough to offset the costs of owning their vehicles, including maintenance.

Get in the hospitality mindset

By hosting on Berseo, you’re getting into the hospitality business, where outstanding customer service (in addition to clean and safe vehicles) is the most important thing you can offer. 

Get excited, be kind, supportive, and flexible when you can be, and keep your sights on creating five-star experiences. 

Outstanding Berseo hosts, also known as Verified Hosts, get rewarded for their hard work and all-star customer service skills with more visibility in search results, priority support and boosted booking opportunities.


Building a strong listing

Polishing up your listing

Tips to make your profile pop

Thorough listings show up higher in search rankings and attract more guests.


Upload at least 6 clear, well lit photos

Include photos of all angles of the vehicle and take some aspirational shots with a nice background to really stand out from the crowd.

Review the photo guide for five tips to help you with composition and lighting.


Describe your vehicle thoroughly

List basic details about your vehicle using special features that make your vehicle unique, like dual motors. Including all the features will help beef up your listing and improve its discoverability.

Write a unique description. Share what’s great about your vehicle, and remember — a little personality goes a long way! Tell your guests about your cleaning routine, fun local drives, and any other interesting facts to get guests excited to book your vehicle. Be sure to write at least 100 words in your description — more robust descriptions get a little boost in search results!


Update and optimize your availability

Perhaps the most important setting to update frequently for hosts, both new and seasoned, is your availability calendar.

Block off the days that your vehicle isn’t available so you only get trips that work with your schedule. Keeping your calendar up to date will help you avoid canceling any trips and keep your performance metrics high so you can shoot for All-Star Host status.


Tips to maximize your earning potential

  1. Make your vehicle available on weekends — 40% of all trips begin on Friday or Saturday, which are nearly twice as busy as most weekdays.
  2. Plan ahead for peak seasons — Demand peaks for summer vacations (April to August) and fall holidays (October to December).
  3. Keep an eye out for long weekends — Guests often plan last-minute getaways over three- and four-day weekends


Perfect your pricing

The easiest way to score more bookings is to price your vehicle competitively. 

Set your own daily rates manually. Monitor your local demand patterns yourself and flex your prices accordingly. Investigate how similar vehicles are priced and aim to price as competitively or better. 

If you’re not getting the traction you’re looking for, try lowering your price to match similar vehicles in your local market — the most common mistake new hosts make is pricing their vehicle too high!

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